Herbs for Weight Loss

If you wander around the shelves of supplements in a natural food store, you’ll notice hundreds of products, many of which are herbs or products with an herb as a main ingredient. It doesn’t take long to understand that herbs can do a lot to support health.

One of those things herbs can do is help you lose weight, although they work in different ways. For example, some herbs, like green tea, will help raise your metabolism. Others, like burdock root act as appetite suppressants.

Herbs for Weight LossSome, like bee pollen and Moringa Tree are excellent sources of important nutrients, which helps when you’re dieting.

Using herbs doesn’t mean you can forget dieting or exercising. You’ll still need to do both of those things. But herbal medicine can be a partner in your efforts.

Most herbs are available in a variety of forms. While you can sometimes find fresh herbs, or maybe grow your own, you can also buy most of them in tea, powder, or capsule form.

It’s easy to use herbal capsules, but having also various teas available is sometimes helpful. As you go through the day and feel hungry or want a little something, you can often satisfy yourself with a cup of tea.


This herb is a diuretic, and it is thought to help digestion.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen provides good nutrition, and it stimulates metabolism and helps to reduce appetite.

Burdock Root

Burdock root is also an appetite suppressant, and it is known to increase metabolism.

Cha de Burge

This herb is an appetite suppressant and it is thought to reduce deposits of fat.

Herbs for Weight LossCaralluma Fimbriata

This herb is known to reduce hunger, and it is also thought to help suppress appetite.


Cardamom is useful in improving most digestion problems.


Chickweed is an appetite suppressant, and it will help you break down fat.


Cinnamon not only tastes good, but it helps lower bad cholesterol and is effective in balancing blood sugar problems.

Fennel Seed

Besides helping to suppress appetite, fennel is thought to facilitate the elimination fat cells from the digestive system, and it might help your energy levels.


You might try forskolin, a product from the Coleus Forskohlii plant. It helps you convert fat to energy.

Green Tea and Green Tea Extract

Green tea is well known for increasing metabolism.Herbs for Weight Loss

Licorice Root

If you constantly want to eat sweets, you might try licorice root.

Moringa Tree

We don’t have studies, but people who use it report they eat less food because they feel fuller and are satisfied with less food. Moringa is high in fiber, which might help, and it provides many nutrients so it will feed your body.


The humble parsley is a powerhouse. You can easily buy it fresh and use it in many ways. For example, you can add it to soups and mix it with juices such as carrot juice. It packs a nutrition punch and is a diuretic. It also helps in balancing blood sugar.


Most seaweeds provide a variety of minerals, and they also stimulate the thyroid.