Lose Weight Fast, But Safely

Are you wondering how fast is fast, and how slow do you have to go to be safe?

Almost everyone wants results fast. Let’s face it, being on a diet is no fun. Besides, you probably have a specific reason for wanting the pounds off and you want to get on with it.

So what’s wrong with a fad diet if it works?Lose Weight Fast, But Safely

What’s wrong is it usually doesn’t work, at least not in the long run, you know, when you start eating like other people again. The truth is you don’t need a fad diet.

The key is to find a way to lose weight quickly, but to support your body with good nutrition while you’re doing it. That way, once you achieve your weight goal you’ll not only have lost the pounds, but you’ll have the basics of new eating habits to help keep you at your new weight.

So what is this new way of eating?

First, you need to eliminate processed and empty calorie foods from your diet. For example, you really don’t need white bread and sugary desserts. Maybe at some point in the future you can reward yourself with a treat you especially like, if you must, but your day-to-day food habits need to eliminate these foods.

Second, you need to eat unprocessed food and emphasize veggies and low-sugar fruits, and get plenty of lean protein. And you need to stay hydrated, so eliminate calories from sugary drinks and drink plenty of water throughout the day. For a change of pace, try fancy bottled water, but make water your drink of choice.

Look online, visit a book store, or head to the library and you’ll notice that several health experts have books available on healthy weight loss. Make sure the books you review are from health experts, not fad diet experts. When you see a plan that seems to fit the way you live, give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Lose Weight Fast, But SafelyThe bad news for some people is that you’ll need to exercise as well. Our bodies are made to move. Movement helps us establish and maintain an ideal weight, and it helps us stay healthy.

But the good news about movement is that you can move in ways you enjoy. You don’t need to do any specific exercise. Pick something you enjoy!

Some people like to dance, some like to jump around, some like aerobics, and some like yoga. It doesn’t matter how you move; it just matters that you move.

Visit the library again and get a feel for available programs. Or maybe your work has an exercise benefit. It couldn’t hurt to look into it. Who knows, you might just lose some weight and improve your health.

Finally, weight loss experts report that many dieters are successful because they not only change the way they eat and exercise, but they also keep a food journal. A journal is a way to track what you eat and how you feel. Over time you might spot emotional eating patterns that are interfering with weight.

To lose weight, and to keep it off, you’ll need to be sure you’re eating for fuel, and not eating to try and fill an emotional need. That may sound difficult, but often it’s a matter of noticing a pattern, of becoming aware of it, because then you can make a change.